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Our research and development of the latest 42-inch multi-touch Coffee machine
Multi-touch technology and a coffee table combined to bring a startling innovation - Multi-touch coffee table one machine. Shenzhen extension the United States Science and Technology recently developed 42-inch multi-touch coffee table Luxury machine, do the innovation from the composition of the product structure, combining traditional office furniture coffee table structure, the multi-touch interactive platform seamlessly integrates it with the functional application disruptive change, which is used every day to see the usual furniture transformed into a powerful high-tech machines, has become the entertainment center of working life, so in everyday practical experience to facilitate people's touch technology generations to come.

Coffee-one multi-touch features:

1, high cost
      A possible alternative to the old-fashioned coffee table, dining table and surrounding assisted multimedia entertainment facilities, improve quality, lower costs, high cost.
2, multi-touch, many people simultaneously
      Capacitive touch or film patented technology to achieve true multi-touch, no ghost; fully compatible with Windows multi-touch TUIO and standards; achieve simultaneously identify more than 100 touch points; user's finger touch-sensitive, interactive games like projection, only recognizes arm waving, can not achieve dazzling touch gesture control, more than 10 people simultaneously, without disturbing each other.
3. Flexible configuration flexibility to provide different users personalized design services to meet the individual needs
      Design according to customer demand different styles, sizes, materials, etc., the desktop can choose glass or LCD panel, host configuration also can be flexible with according to demand, as you build the most cost-effective products.
4, extensive industry needs and applications, cross-cutting business, increased sales
       Widely used: home, KTV, bars, restaurants, real estate, wedding photography, communications, banking, tourism, exhibition, science museums, museums and so on.
5, the surface roughness
       That surface is glass, do not like the infrared box multi-touch screen, have a 1-2cm border projections.
6, waterproof, scratch, fight fight.
       Coffee table surface: waterproof, scratch, fight fight, in full compliance with the performance requirements of a traditional coffee table (Infrared Box impossible)
7, high sensitivity.
       High refresh rate, touch the refresh rate of 60fps, touch experience a sense of class, there is no lag.
9, high-definition images.
      16: 9 HD picture, ultrashort Jiaogao Liang of the projector. Unique anti-environmental light interference design, sunlight and spotlights can work.

Coffee-one multi-touch function
1, can be integrated multi-industry demand for basic services, such as KTV VOD, food ordering system, real estate real estate show, telecom / mobile / banking self-service handling, automotive pre-show, wedding photography show, tourist attractions introduction, Museum / science Museum
  Presentation and other functions;
2, interactive entertainment system, multi-touch interactive games, multiplayer participation, lively atmosphere, improve user consumption;
3, Internet connectivity, web browsing, information access.
4, the peripheral information inquiry, convenience services;
5, expand function (other practical applications can demand for secondary development.

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