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     Let the student party heard a sad thing across the country to come, that is around the primary and middle schools will be on the school, have not had enough of the children, the retrieving...... Have you finished your summer homework? Are you looking forward to any new changes in your school?

Touch teaching integrated machine

     Some schools give students more than just "upgrading", and there are more unexpected things in their classrooms......

Touch teaching integrated machine

      Put forward higher requirements for teachers' teaching intelligent era of science and technology, make teachers change a piece of chalk on the podium of the teaching mode, the teaching resources in the Internet and computer knowledge to design appropriate students' practical teaching ideas, but also make students more convenient and more comprehensive learning. The enthusiasm of the teachers and students and the constant exploration of the passion for knowledge will bring about a new upsurge in the education and teaching of the schools!

Touch teaching integrated machine

      Strengthen the connection between class and students
      Interest is the best teacher." Students are interested in learning, can make their learning activities have psychological preferences and pursuit, so as to stimulate students' learning emotion and arouse their enthusiasm for study. Therefore, it is the teacher's first task to stimulate students' interest in learning, and the integrated teaching of touch screen is an effective teaching method to stimulate students' interest in learning.

      With interest, students can concentrate, active thinking, can give full play to the role of students in the classroom and received good teaching effect, Weing teaching machine capable of vivid and intuitive display of large amounts of information, but also the students' thinking and thinking in images, according to the characteristics of students, the use of the advantages of multimedia non intellectual factors, mobilize the students, create the teaching situation, create a strong atmosphere of teaching.

Touch teaching integrated machine

     Easy to operate, high efficiency, set a variety of functions into one

     WICKMANN Ultra HD LCD touch conference teaching machine, new educational products set computer, smart tablet, whiteboard, projector, LCD display, audio can be used in one of the conference presentations, plan to explain, remote video conferencing, electronic document, plug and play, without computer, projector, projection screen, slide show Taiwan excess equipment.

Touch teaching integrated machine

    (pictured WICKMANN technology teaching machine in Guangxi Normal University classroom application case)
    Health, environmental protection, more security

    Both teachers and students can enjoy an efficient and relaxing atmosphere. The large screen used in Weing teaching integrated machine can replace blackboard chalk and traditional teaching. Teachers and students can keep away from chalk and dust, save chalk, and make the study environment more healthy.

(pictured WICKMANN technology teaching machine in Guilin "Chong Shan primary school classroom application case)
    Ultra high definition touch teaching, teaching mode, diversified teaching software, dust-free teaching environment, multimedia teaching method, teaching machine WICKMANN will realize the students are all looking forward to, on the way of teaching this September, doomed not to like!

   Weing teaching machine is a high-tech enterprises in Shenzhen City, Weing Technology Co. Ltd. under the professional to provide smart classroom solutions, Weing LCD touch one machine to solve for the classroom teaching and the school of the future of the digital campus monitoring program, Weing led the industry machine machine products, bring touch and interaction more perfect and human experience for the user.

Touch teaching integrated machine

   (figure for the case teaching in the application of machine weaving technology teaching)
   Intelligent teaching machine to further promote the application of information technology in the teaching in the classroom, teachers will make greater use of the platform, the more abundant resources, the classroom effect is more intuitive and vivid, let the teachers teach easily, students learn to understand.

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