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Shenzhen City of St. Bo Ran Exhibition Equipment Leasing Co., Ltd. is a professional for meetings, exhibitions and other brand promotion activities LED big screen, projector, LCD seamless stitching large screen, high-definition LCD TVs, lighting, sound equipment rental, as well as meeting Stage background structures, various Chin production, etc., to provide you with a full range of equipment rental services and technical support.
    As the world economy continues to develop, industries exhibition, product launch activity is increasing. How to show the audience the perfect corporate image? How do each of the activities perfected? These are related to the success of each event any detail. St. Bo Ran is in the "service", "professional", "technology" based on the market, in line with because of professional quality, because of professional equipment and stable entrepreneurial spirit, cooperation with customers successful meeting times, exhibition activities , customers receive a better evaluation.
    Since its inception in 2006, Shenzhen and surrounding cities for many government agencies, community colleges, and well-known exhibitors and a variety of well-known corporate meetings, the Forum provides a complete equipment rental and support services.
    The company equipment: Full HD (1080p) LCD TV (22 inches -63 inches), plasma TV (42-inch -50 inch), LED large screen (P6 three and a: 576mm × 576mm, P4 Three and a: 480mm * 480mm ), seamless soft honestly converter (EXTRON-408 / EXTRON-506), (5000-15000) lumens highlighted projection and stage lighting and sound equipment.
  "Sincerity - the letter" purpose, in the course of many years of service, we continue to update equipment and continue to accumulate experience in the industry, so that enterprises continue progressive advantages.

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